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SeeThrough Studios is a small game development studio based in Sydney, Australia. We make games, and sometimes tools, and we try to share as much of our development and business process as we can with you, our potential players.

As a studio, we care about the stories in games, whether those stories are the ones that we tell you, or the ones that you tell your friends about your play experiences. We want game stories to be rich, intense, exciting and densely packed. In a word, we want the stories we make to be ‘better’.


Our History

SeeThrough Studios, officially registered in March 2012, is the trading name of two other indie companies (Throw the Looking Glass Pty Ltd and Ark Games Pty Ltd), who didn’t mean to end up with so many names. From Throw the Looking Glass we gained Paul Sztajer, a producer and game designer who believes in the power of games to do more than just entertain. From Ark Games we gained Saul Alexander and his narrative and marketing prowess.

The studio’s first release was Flatland: Fallen Angle, which was developed in just 96 hours (over three weeks) and won the award for Best Writing in a Game at Freeplay 2012. This was followed by Unstoppabot (iOS), a game about a robot that can’t be stopped (unless it stops and then you lose).

We are currently working on completing Particulars, our first Steam release (thanks to Greenlight!). It has already won the indie showcase at iFest 2013 and the Freeplay awards for Narrative and Audio Design.


Our People

Paul Sztajer and Saul Alexander are the co-captains of the HMAS SeeThrough, and have captained a diverse and ever-changing crew of game makers over the studio’s two year history. These have included programmers, artists, designers, writers, audio engineers, marketing majors, sketch comedy enthusiasts, and people who are far too fond of puns.

For more information about the studio’s current members, click here.

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